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Know your users

Know your users

Tammie Lister

March 12, 2017

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  1. Know your users
    Tammie Lister

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  4. “[when you research you]… open the way to more
    innovative and appropriate design solutions than
    asking how they feel or merely tweaking your
    current design based on analytics.”
    Erika Hall from Just Enough Research

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  12. “We remind everyone that to really waste time and
    money all you need to do is build a service nobody
    wants and nobody can use.”
    John Waterworth

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  13. The Doing

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  14. Doing it

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  17. Bad: 

    Surveys are required for this product because
    everyone does them.

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  18. Good: 

    I created a new signup flow and want to see if
    users are able to have an easier experience.

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  19. Part of culture

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  22. Quantitative data tells us what people are doing.

    Qualitative data tells us why people are doing it.

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  24. Record everything

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  27. www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/

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  28. “In practice, this means it’s a bit like Fight Club: the
    first rule of finding out what people want is: don’t ask
    people what they want.”
    David Travis. The 7 Deadly Sins of User Research

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  29. The Power of Stories

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  30. “Part evolutionary feature, part survival mechanism
    harking back to Paleolithic times, part communication
    tool - story powers the human brain.”
    Donna Lichaw, “The User’s Journey.

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  31. Exposition
    Rising action
    Falling action

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  32. Exposition
    Rising action
    Falling action
    Problem, CTA, Incentive
    Problem solved!

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  39. “User researcher’s fallacy: “My job is to learn about
    users”. Truth: “My job is to help my team learn 

    about users”
    Caroline Jarrett (@cjforms)

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  44. Thanks, any questions?
    Tammie Lister - @karmatosed

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  45. Resource list

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