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mobile DevOps

mobile DevOps

Mobile DevOps is a modern approach that enables seamless application delivery from testing to production. Modern agile teams need fast iterations and short feedback loops and CI/CD is what technology enables that. The role of the mobile developer has changed, from only being able to code to be able to build and provide an engineering solution. Now developers are required to have DevOps skills in their skillset, that way it makes life easier not only for QA but for the whole team, deploying and delivering applications with a breeze.


Merab Tato Kutalia

December 14, 2020

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  1. Mobile DevOps

  2. Android Chapter Lead @ TBC Bank tatocaster.me Tato Kutalia tatocaster

  3. None
  4. Plan • Life before DevOps • Why DevOps matters •

    CI / CD in Agile teams • Going mobile • Available solutions on the market
  5. Life before DevOps • Business was a driver • Monolith

    • Monthly releases at most • Each feature release had been in development and testing for multiple months already. • QAs were struggling. Low test coverage and distribution • Rollbacks were hard
  6. Life before DevOps - Tech-wise • Sysadmins = Bottleneck •

    Staging server? • Containers? Nope • Software vs Hardware • Long-living branches • Merging I believe some of you still remember pushing changes directly to prod server via FTP
  7. Challenges Before Development Testing Release Development Testing Release Development Testing

    R Release cycle Bottleneck Release #1 Release #2 Release #3
  8. And what if you found a bug ?

  9. What is DevOps

  10. Agile way of doing things

  11. DevOps .. Agile Release Testing Monitor / Support Development Start

    DevOps Development Operations Agile
  12. Rapid delivery • Biweekly releases Parallel builds for different configurations:

    • flavors (Google / Huawei) • variants (prod/test) • release/debug
  13. Feedback loop • Fail fast • Short-living branches • Reduced

    branches • More PRs
  14. Improved communication • ✅ PRs = Happy team • QAs

    + developers
  15. Security • Containers • Managing credentials • Continuous monitoring

  16. Continuous Testing • Builds for QA • Automatic unit tests

    • Automatic delivery via Firebase Beta/Slack
  17. Mobile DevOps? • Adapt to mobile infrastructure • Mobile release

    flow • Mobile tools • Keep artefacts • Manage multi-module builds & tests • Multiple concurrent builds
  18. What the market offers for mobile? • Bitrise • CircleCI

    • Jenkins • TeamCity • Bitbucket Pipelines • Travis CI • and much more
  19. Questions