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Parent Problems: How to manage life and still be a great developer

Parent Problems: How to manage life and still be a great developer

Life as a parent can be hard without adding in the element of self-growth. It’s hard for us parents to take the time away and learn the things we want to know. So how do we make time for becoming better developers? By the time I have alone time, I either want to pass out or binge watch Friends on Netflix.

I will cover topics like journaling, mindfulness and tips to be more organized in life in general.

What you can expect to get from this session:

– A few laughs, likely at my expense including silly parent pro tips I have learned the hard way
– Some tips and tricks for organizing life
– Introduction to mindfulness (it’s so not scary!)
– And hopefully some great ways to be a better developer parent person.


Tessa Kriesel

April 01, 2017


  1. Parent Problems How to manage life and still be a

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  5. @tessak22

  6. “ If you don’t want to constantly clean your floors,

    get a dog. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22
  7. How do we learn new developer stuff when our life

    is already chaotic? @tessak22
  8. It’s time to get funky organized @tessak22

  9. Stop doing stuff you don’t enjoy @tessak22

  10. Make a list of 3 - 4 things that really

    matter to you. @tessak22
  11. My Priority List Career succes Family’s happiness Teaching people to

    code Rescuing dogs @tessak22
  12. Get rid of anything else you are doing that doesn't

    fit within an item on this list. @tessak22
  13. “ When you need time to yourself, ask your kids

    to get themselves dressed. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22
  14. De-clutter your home @tessak22

  15. “ Throw away your child’s artwork in the outside garbage.

    Parent Pro Tip @tessak22
  16. “ … and then when your child figures it out,

    blame it on your spouse. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22
  17. Write everything down, immediately. @tessak22

  18. Online Apps

  19. Journals

  20. “ Never leave a sharpie unattended. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22

  21. Peak Productivity with Ivy Lee presented by David Needham 

  22. Make a daily list Create a list of 6 things

    that you need to get done tomorrow. @tessak22
  23. “ Your keys are always in the other pocket. Parent

    Pro Tip @tessak22
  24. Mindfulness sometimes called meditation @tessak22

  25. What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the basic human ability to

    be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. @tessak22
  26. Meditation Benefits ‣ Help Manage Stress ‣ Sleep Better ‣

    Maintain Healthier Relationships ‣ Manage Anxiety ‣ Sharpen Concentration @tessak22
  27. Practice Mindfulness It isn’t just for adults, this is great

    for kids as well. @tessak22
  28. @tessak22

  29. Let’s Try It! @tessak22

  30. “ Wine. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22

  31. Take Away’s @tessak22

  32. Eliminate stress by saying no. Declutter and prioritize @tessak22

  33. Stay ahead of stress by writing things down. Document all

    the things. @tessak22
  34. Control stress levels with mindfulness. Try Headspace or Calm. @tessak22

  35. “ If your kids don’t come when called, turn off

    the wifi and see how quick they come running. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22
  36. tessakriesel.com/feedback

  37. “ If you don’t want your kids to eat your

    food, tell them it’s spicy.
 Sorry kids, this is hot sauce flavored ice cream. Parent Pro Tip @tessak22