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The Cilium Story - Why We Created Cilium

The Cilium Story - Why We Created Cilium

Cilium is well known today but why did we create it? This talk takes us back to the origins of Cilium. Together, we explore the adventure that led to the creation of the first few lines of Cilium source code. What was the vision? How close was it to what Cilium has become today? As we make our way exploring the many Cilium milestones, we look back to Cilium's roots in Switzerland, the many surprises on the way, and the major milestones that put Cilium on the trajectory it is today.

Thomas Graf

April 18, 2023

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  1. - Networking - Security - Observability - Service Mesh &

    Ingress -based: Foundation Created by Technology Scalable, Secure, High Perfomance Networking Sidecar-free Service Mesh, Ingress, & Gateway API Security Observability & Runtime Enforcement Network Observability & Monitoring Cilium CNI Tetragon Cilium Service Mesh Hubble
  2. Makes the Linux kernel programmable in a secure and efficient

    way. “What JavaScript is to the browser, eBPF is to the Linux Kernel” Process Scheduler execve() Linux Kernel Syscall
  3. Origins of eBPF PlumGrid Crew: Pere Monclus, Brenden Blanco, Alexei

    Starovoitov Daniel Borkmann, Alexei, & Thomas discussing eBPF in the PlumGrid office Alexei Starovoitov
  4. Daniel Borkmann speaking about eBPF eBPF Community Passion Brenden (VMware),

    Alexei (FB), Daniel (Isovalent) discussing the eBPF verifier at the Facebook booth
  5. Picture from a recent eBPF Kernel Conference with David S.

    Miller (Linux Kernel Networking Maintainer)
  6. From Left to Right: • Thomas Graf • Daniel Borkmann

    • Madhu Challa • Andre Martins 25 Years Linux Birthday Party, Linux Foundation Event Early Cilium Presentation, ioVisor Summit Cilium Founding Team
  7. - IPv6 Only - Built for Containers - Scalable &

    Flat L3 - Identity-based security First Conference Talks
  8. Thomas Graf Co-Founder & CTO Dan Wendlandt, Co-Founder & CEO

    Isovalent Martin Casado General Partner, a16z Liz Rice Chief Open Source Officer Cilium joins CNCF Umesh Padval Venture Partner, Thomvest
  9. “We chose Cilium because we were looking for a simple

    solution, a resilient solution, and one which is ready for day two operations.“ – Alex Berger, Chief Architect Cilium is a critical part of the Datadog network stack as it provides consistent Kubernetes networking across cloud providers as well as performant and secure communications, thanks to eBPF. – Laurent Bernaille, Staff Engineer The Beginning
  10. “We are a bank. Everything is security first. We had

    to have a way to audit the network traffic down to the specific application that initiated the connection.” – Bradley Whitfield, Senior Lead Platform Engineer “We choose Cilium as it supports Network Policies at Layer 3/4/7, Cloud agnostic & easy to deploy anywhere.” – Adelina Simion, Technology Evangelist Network Policy
  11. Getting an Office Martynas Pumputis (author kube-proxy replacement) performing engineering

    tasks New Logo Design Happy Birthday Andre Martins (Cilium Maintainer)
  12. “With Hubble, we are able to get easy traceability of

    network calls associated to a Kubernetes pod.” – Vlad Ungureanu, Backend Software Engineer Hubble
  13. Starting to Grow KubeCon! (Arvind Soni, Andre Martins, Ian Vernon)

    2K GitHub Stars Celebration Michi & Joe Cilium Maintainers
  14. “What makes Cilium Cluster Mesh unique in our opinion is:

    • Cross cluster Service Discovery • Cross cluster Service Load Balancing • Cross Cluster Network Policies” – Karsten Nielsen, Senior Systems Engineer, Swedish Home Furnishings Retailer Cluster Mesh
  15. The Swiss Roots Live On Fondue in an AirBnB, Palo

    Alto Snow Chain Incident, Julier Pass (Product Manager is looking up tutorial on YouTube) Glib Smaga Hubble Maintainer and team Zurich Offsite
  16. Things get crazy… AWS picks Cilium for EKS-A Google picks

    Cilium for GKE & Anthos Cilium joins the CNCF
  17. eBPF & Cilium Team Spirits Duffie Cooley Summer Hike, Cilium

    Team Europe CI Testing of Floating Equipment, Cilium Team US
  18. The advantages of a service mesh without the management overhead

    of running Istio or Linkerd is mind-blowing – Staff Software Engineer, Popular Fitness App Cilium Service Mesh
  19. We don’t always ski Liz Rice, Cilium Maintainer, Chief Open

    Source Officer Cilium Team Ride in Swiss Mountains Sebastian Wicki, Hubble Maintainer …sometimes we bike
  20. mTLS Support for Network Policy mTLS via just Network Policy,

    no service mesh needed SPIFFE Integration Roadmap Highlights Certificate management via SPIFFE/SPIRE + SPIFFE ID selector matching Day 2 Ops
  21. Cilium Mesh Connect! One Mesh to Connect Them All Principle

    #1: Combines all Cilium components into a single mesh: - Kubernetes Networking (CNI) - Cluster Mesh (Multi-Cluster) - Ingress & Egress Gateway - Load Balancer - Service Mesh Principle #2: Connects Kubernetes, VMs, and Servers across cloud, on-prem, and edge.