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Docs or it didn't happen! [PyCon UK 2017]

Docs or it didn't happen! [PyCon UK 2017]

**This version of the talk was presented at PyCon UK 2017**

** Video available here: https://youtu.be/muhxjdxhIR0**

If you ever skimmed through a README, tried to follow a quickstart tutorial, attempted to decipher an error message, or typed '--help' in your console, congratulations -- you have encountered documentation!

Long gone are the days of massive books with never-ending stories about your software. Today's users are smarter and less patient, which means that we no longer need to document *all the things*, as long as what we do document is clear, concise, helpful, and accessible. And that's where the real work starts.

Documentation requires some attitude adjustment, since prose doesn't neatly compile into binaries as code does. But Don't Panic(tm)! No matter what your role is in the community, you can apply a few key principles from the technical writing world to make your project more docs-friendly, and therefore more user- and contributor-friendly.



October 26, 2017

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  1. Why are we here? We are *not* here to argue

    whether documentation is important (or to argue about anything, really). And please leave your flamewars at the door, documentation is communication so let’s remember how to do that. This talk will run the full 25 minutes, with no on-stage questions. Personal interaction is recommended (talk to me afterwards!), or you can email, Slack, or tweet @ThatDocsLady with your questions any time. ◉ We want to have more users and contributors ◉ We believe (or want to believe) that docs can help ◉ <something> is stopping us from working on docs
  2. Content Strategy Plan a little, save a lot Community Spirit

    We’re all in this together DevOps for Docs Not just for developers anymore
  3. “ A documentarian is someone who cares about documentation and

    communication in the software industry, regardless of job title. http://www.writethedocs.org/documentarians/
  4. “ Docs or it didn’t happen! - Me, at the

    beginning of this presentation