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GDSC CTU|First Meeting Party

December 02, 2023

GDSC CTU|First Meeting Party

GDSC Czech Technical University in Prague

Event link: https://gdsc.community.dev/e/mj8kbd/

Share GDSC CTU’s community planning, operation model and content.
The GDSC Lead Alex Tsai(蔡秀吉) will share GDSC CTU’s community vision and planning, community operation model and content.
Next, GDSC Lead will explain what kind of competition the Google Developer Solution challenge is? And encourage everyone to participate in the Solution challenge.
Welcome to join GDSC CTU. If you have any ideas about Solution challenge, please contact Chapter directly.


December 02, 2023

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  1. More than 1500+ GDSCs Around the World • Europe 158

    • India 351 • Hong Kong/Taiwan 39 • LATAM 83 • MENA 185 • North America 175 • EAA 45 • Pakistan 61 • Sub Saharan Africa 199 • ASEAN 147 • Turkey, Central Asia, Caucasus 83
  2. GDSC Leads of 2022 Last year, Europe... 158+ GDSC Leads

    158+ GDSC Leads 1,000+ Events 1,000+ Events 7,000+ Trained 7,000+ Trained
  3. Where am I ? Who Are we ? GDSC? Study

    Group? Tech Clubs Solution Challenge
  4. Please use Google Sans Bold for headlines, and Google Sans

    Regular for subheads and body copy. If smaller text is necessary such as for annotations, footnotes, or small labels, please use Roboto Normal. Fonts Google Sans Bold HEADLINES Google Sans Regular SUBHEADS Google Sans Regular BODY COPY
  5. [Free] Google Domains Coming Soon! Interested in getting a FREE

    Google Domain? Would you or members in your community benefit from having a Google domain? The Google Registry team is offering free domains (.dev, .app, or .page) for 1 year. Fill out this form to receive more information. More information about Domains for Devs HERE Get inspired by this developer story!
  6. Slides Template Use this Google Slides presentation template and share

    with your Solution Challenge event speakers to build their decks. Download
  7. 2023 Solution Challenge: Lead Guide Google Cloud credits 1. Register

    for Solution Challenge at goo.gle/solutionchallenge and be sure to mention that you are interested in using Google Cloud for your solution 2. Review your country’s eligibility for cloud credits here 3. Form a team with up to 4 students total 4. In early February, we will send a email with instructions on how to request and redeem your Google Cloud credits a. Please make sure only one student from your team fills out that new Google Cloud redemption form (entries from multiple students on the same team will disqualify you from redeeming credits) b. Additional Resources i. Get access to Cloud training here ii. Best practices for using your Google Cloud credits
  8. 2023 Solution Challenge: Kickoff Event ◦ Why choose it? ◦

    Beginner friendly platform that helps you to build and deploy ML models ◦ What can it do? ◦ End-to-end ML pipelines ◦ TensorFlow.js for JavaScript ◦ TFLite for Mobile & IoT ◦ Learning resources: ◦ https://www.tensorflow.org/resources/learn-ml
  9. 2023 Solution Challenge: Kickoff Event ◦ Why choose it? ◦

    Global infrastructure ◦ Sustainability ◦ What can it do? ◦ 100+ products to pick from ◦ Databases, serverless, ML, IoT, operations, etc. ◦ Learning resources: ◦ https://cloud.google.com/training
  10. 2023 Solution Challenge: Kickoff Event ◦ Why choose it? ◦

    The tools and infrastructure you need to build better mobile and web apps. ◦ What can it do? ◦ Databases ◦ Hosting ◦ Authentication ◦ ML ◦ much more! ◦ Learning resources: ◦ https://firebase.google.com/community/lea rn
  11. 2023 Solution Challenge: Kickoff Event ◦ Why choose it? ◦

    Build web applications that have been designed so they are capable, reliable, and installable. ◦ What can it do? ◦ Capabilities of a Native App ◦ Reach of a Web App ◦ Single codebase ◦ Learning resources: ◦ https://web.dev/learn/pwa/
  12. 2023 Solution Challenge: Kickoff Event ◦ Why choose it? ◦

    An open platform that powers over 2.5 Billion devices from your phone, watch, TV, and car. ◦ What can it do? ◦ High quality, native app ◦ Optimized for gaming, finance, productivity, etc. ◦ Dedicated store to distribute apps ◦ Learning resources: ◦ https://developer.android.com/courses
  13. 2023 Solution Challenge: Kickoff Event ◦ Why choose it? ◦

    Build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase. ◦ What can it do? ◦ Multi-platform support ◦ Similar to native app performance ◦ Single codebase ◦ Learning resources: ◦ https://flutter.dev/learn
  14. Prizes Top 3 Clubs with the most Solution Challenge project

    submissions GDSC Leads and core team receive swag. Top 3 Clubs that hosts the most Solution Challenge related events GDSC Leads and core team receive swag. Top 100 Receive customized mentorship from Googlers and experts to take solutions to the next level, a branded T- shirt, and a certificate. Final 10 Receive additional mentorship, a swag box, and the opportunity to showcase solutions to Googlers and developers all around the world at Demo Day live on YouTube. Leads from top 10 receive swag box! Contest Finalists In addition to the swag box, each individual from the additional seven recognized teams will receive a Cash Prize per student. Winnings for each qualifying team will not exceed $4,000. Winning 3 In addition to the swag box, each individual from the Winning 3 teams will receive a Cash Prize and a feature on the Google Developers Blog. Winnings for each qualifying team will not exceed $12,000.