Stuck in the Middle: Mastering Stakeholder Management

C99ebc750cb5494163cd24ceef494e82?s=47 Emily Tate
October 13, 2018

Stuck in the Middle: Mastering Stakeholder Management

Getting things done requires more than sheer force of will. It requires cooperation and collaboration from a number of stakeholders. These stakeholders often have conflicting goals, and balancing the needs of a variety of roles often feels overwhelming.

To make a true impact, we have to be able to avoid simply being another person saying yes to the HiPPO in the room, or bending to the will of the squeakiest wheel on the team. This talk will discuss how to intentionally manage your stakeholders like a product, and use your skill of influence to drive the organisation in a positive direction.


Emily Tate

October 13, 2018