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A Complete guide to set up a Discord

A Complete guide to set up a Discord

This is the complete guide on Discord growth we just released for builders as a gift in the new year. Check it out: http://bit.ly/3If9fcD. FYI, the GB is one of the projects Codelight has incubated.

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January 05, 2023

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  1. A complete guide to set up on discord PLANNING TOOL

    BOX Created by thegb.xyz I want the direct advice!
  2. The GB Proven Records thegb.xyz Here are some examples of

    communities we've helped to build from scratch. They are a solid foundation of projects with enthusiastic support and help from community members worldwide. 0 -> 26,000 Organic members in
  3. LOYALTY I love it. COMPREHENSION I get it now. INTEREST

    That’s cool. DESIRE I want it. AWARENESS Wow, what’s that!? Information channels Announcement channels Discussion channels Get Started With Member Journey thegb.xyz 1-on-1 The journey of a member on your Discord server is extremely important for keeping people in the server. Designing the channel structure and arranging it reasonably. Imagine all the contact points where a member goes in and stays with you instead of leaving. Note: The basic journey is needed for members to access all general info about your project.
  4. Define Discord Purpose - Discord objective: Clear and specific objectives

    create a better user journey, and ability to reach the intended audience. - Key activities: Keep users engaged, enhance the retention rate, and promote to utilize the project's products/services. - Key message: Capable of assisting users in understanding the server's purpose and attracting the correct potential clients. thegb.xyz Role System Channels & Chat Room Ambas - sador Objectives
  5. Set Role System thegb.xyz Establish a clear administration, server structure,

    and hierarchy. Note: Flexibility can be applied on the role permissions based on your needs or management mindset. OWNER ADMIN Able to adjust the server structure, give/take roles, adjust the permission, add new admin but no permission on or change/delete the server. MOD Can have the same power as admin or less, more focused on controlling the activities of community members or carrying out specific tasks. AMBAS -SADOR Can manage their own chat channel in the Discord server. Can be based on nationality, interest, purpose,... OG Original members amongst the first to join the server, who have special benefits/perks like early airdrop etc. Have ultimate ownership of the Discord channel
  6. Create Channels & Chat Room thegb.xyz OPTIONAL REQUIRED SERVER HIDDEN

    STAFF CHANNELS Control everything related to your human resources in these channels. LOG CHANNELS Technical updates, new bots, bots updates. SPAM CHANNELS Where messages never end, countinoustly to spam your action here. DISCUSSION CHANNELS Includes all the channels where members can chat, talk, and raise their voice. ANNOUNCE- MENT CHANNELS Includes all the channels where you release news, and update your project to the community - No Members allowed to talk here. INFOR- MATION CHANNELS Including all the channels where all the basic information about your project and server here. - Guide your audiences with these channels. Required: These channels will be what you need to run your server in the most basics ways. Optional: These channels are optional depending on your needs.
  7. thegb.xyz Establish Ambassador Program SOWs/ Essential Roles Benefits for the

    Ambassador Community Moderator: manage and moderate the community to make sure that the community follows the channel regulations and keeps the server safe. Product center: In charge of helping users when using the products, collect feedback and comments from the community to work with the internal team. Others Network opportunities with respected experts in the Web3 field. Work directly with the team. Opportunities to work on multiple projects in various applications. Having a strong team of Ambassadors will help you to take care of the Discord server. Ambassadors are a sign of a healthy and supportive community.
  8. thegb.xyz Passion & Empowerment Belonging Trust Exposure and Interest Recruit

    to become project’s ambassadors, core members Provide roles, community activities/events and member recognition Provide consistent, accurate, transparent information. Provide insightful, trendy information, attractive events, etc. Build Loyal Fanbase Every day, people are exposed to many projects and communities. In order to build your own loyal fanbase, follow the pyramid below to ensure your Discord server meets your member’s needs.
  9. Direct support from the experts for Web3 builders Next framework:

    • 4 Templates to start a content plan • A-Z Project launching guide I want to explore! thegb.xyz