[DEPRECATED] Major League Hacking Opening Ceremony - 2017 Season

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September 15, 2016

[DEPRECATED] Major League Hacking Opening Ceremony - 2017 Season

This is the deck I use during opening ceremonies at Major League Hacking events during the 2017 Season.



September 15, 2016


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  2. http://bit.ly/mlh_loves_hackers Everything you Need to Know:

  3. Hey! I’m Swift. I tweet from @SwiftAlphaOne. I email from

  4. What is Major League Hacking?

  5. The Official Student Hackathon League.

  6. 65,000 Student Hackers Just like you!

  7. You’re earning points for your school.

  8. Best way to earn points? Bring your friends!

  9. Thanks to our Flagship Partners!

  10. You must be asking… How is the all possible??? What

    is MLH doing this weekend?
  11. Take a break from hacking for a fun mini-event!

  12. Know how to make a secure app?

  13. Take some photos at the Photo Booth!

  14. Checkout devices from the MLH Hardware Lab.

  15. All this & so much more! hardware.mlh.io

  16. Get a $100 in AWS Hosting Credit! bit.ly/aws2017

  17. Get a FREE domain + whois privacy! domain.com/mlh

  18. Snag the GitHub Education Pack! education.github.com/pack

  19. Help us Hack Harassment! hackharassment.com/mlh

  20. Prizes! Best use of Amazon Web Services 1 TB Portable

    Hard Drive. Best use of Domain.com A Domain.com Swag Bag. Best Device Privacy Hack Watch Dogs 2, Collectors Edition. Top 3 Teams MLH 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Medals. AWS DDC WD2 HH Best Hack Against Online Harassment A Hack Harassment Swag Bag.
  21. Enter the Soylent Bottle Drawing Contest Tweet @Soylent #SoylentCanvas

  22. Draw an Octocat to win an Octocat Statue! To enter,

    tweet at @GitHubEducation #MyOctocat #EventHashtag
  23. Show off your hack to get an “I Demoed!” Sticker.

  24. Collect an awesome Season T-Shirt!

  25. On a serious note…

  26. mlh.io/code-of-conduct MLH Hackathons are a safe space for everyone.

  27. http://bit.ly/mlh_loves_hackers Everything you Need to Know:

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