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+97% of Time Reduction to Onboarding New Metrics

+97% of Time Reduction to Onboarding New Metrics

Geek Friday / HelloFresh

I am presenting a successful showcase that has caused more than 97% timing reduction due to process automation. This automation was led by me when I worked on the Experimentation team. The slides will give you a context for the talk, going through the problem, and explaining the solution, and outcomes.

Thulio Philipe

August 28, 2023

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  1. Agenda Sorry, I have only 5 min 🏎💨 1. Context

    2. Problem 3. Solution 4. Outcomes
  2. a.k.a Experimental Kitchen 📊 EK "Platform that allows the analysis

    of experiments and calculates relevant metrics to enable decision making."
  3. All phases when adding a new metric 🚥 Data phases

    1. Insertion 2. Processing 3. Visualization
  4. From people point of view: • The team is more

    confident with the ecosystem of tools • Building horizontal knowledge of the domain From product point of view: • Application becomes reliable • Adding new metrics, does not require code changes • Effectively scale the metrics management • Solid data contract between API and clients • Removing any friction to analyze the experiment results Highlights
  5. Links • Miro board • Initiative Page • Jira Project

    • PRD: Automate metric updating process • API contract using JSON Schema • Architecture Decision Record • Metrics onboarding: end to end guideline