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Helicarrier (formerly Bitkoin)'s first deck.

Afd676ef11a648704b71df2243bf34bc?s=47 Timi Ajiboye
October 19, 2021

Helicarrier (formerly Bitkoin)'s first deck.

This was our very first pitch-deck. It seems to have been created February 2018. We had zero fundraising experience.


Timi Ajiboye

October 19, 2021


  1. Bitkoin Africa Better financial services through cryptocurrency

  2. Problem Access to cryptocurrency in Africa is either not secure,

    cumbersome or unreliable. Cross-border transactions aren’t accessible, take too long and are expensive. Crypto investment opportunities are missed out on due to the above and lack of financial infrastructure.
  3. Solutions P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Mass Market Digital Asset Exchange

    buycoins Cryptocurrency Driven Remittance fundstransfer Enterprise Investment Integrations Mass Market Investment Integrations cowrywise, piggybank
  4. Market Validation $388bn+ Global cryptocurrency market cap ₦1bn+ Weekly volume

    on Local Bitcoins from Nigeria 20,000+ Active traders per week across the major exchanges in Nigeria ₦31m+ Volume of trades on
  5. Business Model 0.5% per trade on P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange 2

    - 10% margin per transaction on Mass Market Exchange, Enterprise & Consumer Facing Investment integrations.
  6. Competition LocalBitcoins (P2P Exchange) Advantages - Incumbency - Size &

    Market share due to above Issues - Bad UI - Manual payment processes - Less secure, trust is required Tanjalo (Exchange) Advantages - Really quick time to fulfilment Issues - Limited functionality (users can only buy) - Less well known Luno (Exchange) Advantages - Incumbency - Size & Market share due to above Issues - Payment process is not streamlined - High prices
  7. Competitive Advantage Top software development talent Local presence and insight

    Ease of use across products Support for multiple digital assets Multiple products and income streams