Project Catalyst: UIKit on the Mac is finally here!

Project Catalyst: UIKit on the Mac is finally here!

We held a WWDC Recap event at my company's office where several of the attendees to WWDC presented on what they learned while they were over in America.

I presented on Project Catalyst, Apple's new initiative to bring iPad apps to macOS. I explained how we got to this point, and what some of its current limitations and work arounds are.


Tim Oliver

June 13, 2019


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    AppKit (1994) UIKit (2005) • 2 completely separate eras in

    Apple’s life • UIKit improved upon what was in AppKit • The concepts can be remarkably different • It’s not easy to share code between platforms • It’s not easy for UIKit engineers to transition to AppKit • macOS misses out on a lot of great software
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    Key Takeaways • Still just an iOS app. Adjusts for

    macOS. • Resizable windows means ANY screen size. • Provides hooks into AppKit. No direct access. • Scaled down to 77% screen size for parity. • All elements look like iOS by default. • Precompiled binaries need to be recompiled for `UIKitForMacOS`.
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    Provides hooks into AppKit. 
 No direct access? • Can

    use UIKit scenes to create copies of UIKit windows. • No way to create NSWindow objects officially. • Is it possible to make a UIKit/AppKit hybrid?
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    Using AppKit Bundles! Beyond the Checkbox with Catalyst and AppKit

    Steve Troughton-Smith -
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    Summary • Check ‘Mac’ in Xcode to begin! • Change

    view settings for native macOS appearance. • Re-consider design of elements that do not look native. • Consider using NSWindow when necessary. • Make some great apps!