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Ingress-GCE and its problem

November 08, 2018

Ingress-GCE and its problem

2018/11/08 Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #14


November 08, 2018

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  1. Who am I? - @tjun - Merpay SRE, EM -

    (Sometimes) Working with Mercari Microservices Platform Team - We are hiring!
  2. Ingress-GCE • Ingress controller for Google Cloud ◦ GCE L7

    load balancer controller ◦ Configured through the Kubernetes Ingress API
  3. L7 Load balancing on Kubernetes GCP resources are created with

    $ kubectl apply -f ingress.yaml Global Forwarding Rule -> TargetHttpProxy -> URL Map -> Backend Service -> Instance Group or Network Endpoint Group
  4. Ingress GCE problem on GKE v1.10.6 When we recreate an

    Ingress: • External IP is never attached • Backend Services are not created What we did: • kubectl describe ing xxxxx / kubectl get events • Check TLS on secret and • Check kube-apiserver logs and cert-manager logs • Recreate ingress without static-ip -> OK • Recreate ingress with 1 backend -> sometimes OK
  5. Our workaround until cluster upgrade $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress1.yaml

    $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress2.yaml $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress3.yaml -> OK $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress4.yaml