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Ingress-GCE and its problem

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November 08, 2018

Ingress-GCE and its problem

2018/11/08 Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #14



November 08, 2018

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  1. Ingress GCE & Problem Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #14 2018/11/08 @tjun

  2. Who am I? - @tjun - Merpay SRE, EM -

    (Sometimes) Working with Mercari Microservices Platform Team - We are hiring!
  3. Ingress-GCE • Ingress controller for Google Cloud ◦ GCE L7

    load balancer controller ◦ Configured through the Kubernetes Ingress API
  4. L7 Load balancing on Kubernetes GCP resources are created with

    $ kubectl apply -f ingress.yaml Global Forwarding Rule -> TargetHttpProxy -> URL Map -> Backend Service -> Instance Group or Network Endpoint Group
  5. Ingress GCE or Ingress Nginx https://medium.com/omnius/kubernetes-ingress-gce-vs-nginx-controllers-1-3-d89d6dd3da73

  6. Merpay architecture Clients Merpay API Gateway API ServiceA ServiceA ServiceA

  7. Ingress GCE problem on GKE v1.10.6 GKE Release Notes

  8. Ingress GCE problem on GKE v1.10.6 When we recreate an

    Ingress: • External IP is never attached • Backend Services are not created What we did: • kubectl describe ing xxxxx / kubectl get events • Check TLS on secret and • Check kube-apiserver logs and cert-manager logs • Recreate ingress without static-ip -> OK • Recreate ingress with 1 backend -> sometimes OK
  9. Ingress GCE problem on GKE v1.10.6 Ask GCP support

  10. Our workaround until cluster upgrade $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress1.yaml

    $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress2.yaml $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress3.yaml -> OK $ kubectl apply -f merpay-ingress4.yaml
  11. Summary 今は直っているので、IngressGCEめちゃ便利です。GKE最高!