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JavaScript Forensics

JavaScript Forensics

Something terrible happened here. Traces of errors litter the floor; memory leaking from cracks in the ceiling. Someone lost their object context in the corner. Everything reeks of jank. In this session, a JavaScript error tracking expert breaks down a series of common and complex crimes against web applications. You’ll leave the session armed with techniques and tools to detect, diagnose, and fix your JavaScript web applications. Bring your bugs and let’s fix up our web.

Code examples:

Checkout TrackJS Error Monitoring:


Todd Gardner

April 22, 2015

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  1. WANTED JavaScript Forensics Todd H Gardner @toddhgardner

  2. Wild Wild Web

  3. WANTED @toddhgardner JavaScript Outlaws

  4. Soliloquy

  5. {Track:js} https://trackjs.com JavaScript Error Monitoring

  6. Scripty Joe WANTED Characteristics: Script Error Impact: Unknown Reward $5,00

  7. None
  8. Soliloquy

  9. Scripty “Line 1” Joe Place of Origin: Characteristics: Associates: Browser

    Obfuscation Noisy 3rd party domains Apprehend with CORS and crossorigin attributes Remarks:
  10. Jane Adsy WANTED Characteristics: getRandomAds is not defined Impact: global

    Reward $5,00
  11. None
  12. Soliloquy

  13. Jane “3rd Party” Adsy Place of Origin: Characteristics: Associates: Unplanned

    Changes Sudden bursts of violence SaaS, Analytics, CDN Weigh risk vs value of 3rd party dependencies Remarks:
  14. Clara Context WANTED Characteristics: Cannot read propert of undefined Impact:

    major Reward $5,00
  15. Error Cannot read property ‘destroy’ of undefined User Click <button

  16. Soliloquy

  17. Clara “This&That” Context Place of Origin: Characteristics: Associates: Functional Args

    Not Defined Callbacks, Promises Can usually be discovered through test Remarks:
  18. Dolly Data WANTED Characteristics: Substr is not a function Impact:

    isolated Reward $5,00
  19. a.text.substr is not a function

  20. Soliloquy

  21. Dolly “Bad Shape” Data Place of Origin: Characteristics: Associates: Contract

    Changes Production Faults Separated Dev Teams Difficult to prevent with test Remarks:
  22. Logan Noloaden WANTED Characteristics: INLINE_ADS is not a function Impact:

    major Reward $5,00
  23. None
  24. Soliloquy

  25. Logan “404” Noloaden Place of Origin: Characteristics: Associates: Flaky Infrastructre

    404, is undefined The Internet Verify load before invoking external functions. Remarks:
  26. Mabrowser Crashin WANTED Characteristics: Slow perf, browser crash Impact: catastrophic

    Reward $5,00
  27. None
  28. Soliloquy

  29. Mabrowser Crashin Place of Origin: Characteristics: Associates: Detached Elements Slow

    Perf, Crashing Clientside Rendering Periodic scanning for memory leaks. Remarks:
  30. CAPTURED @toddhgardner JavaScript Outlaws Scripty Joe Jane Adsy Clara Context

    Dolly Data Logan Noloaden Mabrowser Crashi
  31. {Track:js} https://trackjs.com JavaScript Error Monitoring

  32. User Activity AJAX History Console Logs Browser Info Inline Source

    Async Traces
  33. WANTED JavaScript Forensics Todd H Gardner @toddhgardner todd@trackjs.com