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Clojure's main rudiment: Macros - Construindo a fundação

Clojure's main rudiment: Macros - Construindo a fundação

Uma visão abrangente e conceitual sobre Macros em Clojure.

Tomás Augusto Müller

August 06, 2016

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  1. –Rich Hickey (http://codequarterly.com/2011/rich-hickey/) “You can reach a point with Lisp

    where, between the conceptual simplicity, the large libraries, and the customization of macros, you are able to write only code that matters. And, once there, you are able to achieve a very high degree of focus, such as you would when playing Go, or playing a musical instrument, or meditating. And then, as with those activities, there can be a feeling of elation that accompanies that mental state of focus.”