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EmberConf 2014 Keynote

March 25, 2014

EmberConf 2014 Keynote

In this keynote, Tom Dale & Yehuda Katz give an update on the state of Ember.js, then talk about how you can think about most web applications as a series of screens and flows—and how Ember.js makes you super productive at building them.


March 25, 2014

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  8. Ember Inspector

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  10. New Core Team Members!

  11. Productivity

  12. Screens & Flows

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  14. “Flows are just as important
 to good interfaces as individual

    screens are.” Ryan Singer Basecamp
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  28. This is the productivity sinkhole.

  29. Flow Spaghetti

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  32. Productivity

  33. Ember makes you a
 badass web app developer

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  42. One of the points I keep coming back to with

    Ruby on Rails, is that we confess commonality. That we confess that we’re not as special as we like to believe. We confess that we’re not the only ones climbing the same mountain. DHH Basecamp
  43. I think the conclusion is that we’re not as special

    and unique as we like to believe. The fact is that the flexibility we think we need, that we want— we really don’t. DHH Basecamp
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  45. Tell Your Friends

  46. Thank You!