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Getting started with Bug reporting

Getting started with Bug reporting

Presented at HuBB Bootcamp on the 18th of December, 2021 to provide basic guidance on how to hunt for software defects and then effectively communicate them in the generally recognised bug reporting format.

Oluwatomi Familoni

December 20, 2021

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  1. BUG REPORTING Oluwatomi Familoni HuBB Bootcamp. Dec 18, 2021

  2. HELLO! I am Tomi Familoni ▹ QA Engineer ▹ Software

    Quality Advocate ▹ Certified Test Manager 2 @Tomi-Familoni
  3. TABLE OF CONTENT ▹ Error, Defect, Failure, Bug ▹ Bug

    Report ▹ Effective Bug Reporting ▹ Bug Reporting Tools eg Jira ▹ Create an effective Bug Report on Jira. 3 @Tomi-Familoni
  4. 1. BUG | DEFECT | ERROR | FAILURE First things

    first! What is a bug?
  5. BUG ▹ Fault in a system that impacts the software

    functionality and performance. ▹ A flaw that causes the system to behave in an unintended manner. ▹ Raised by QA during development. 5 @Tomi-Familoni
  6. DEFECT ▹ A variation or deviation between expected behaviour and

    actual. ▹ Usually uncovered/found by developer. 6 @Tomi-Familoni
  7. ERROR ▹ Problem in code leads to errors ▹ Unable

    to run a program due to coding mistakes 7 @Tomi-Familoni
  8. FAILURE ▹ Consequence of a defect. ▹ Observable incorrect behavior

    of the system in the real environment. ▹ When customers find issues in a product ▹ Feature fails to help the end-user do what it ought to. 8 @Tomi-Familoni
  9. “ “A person can make an error, which produces a

    defect/bug in the code, in software. If the execution of the defect in code happens, the system will fail to do what it should do which causes a failure”. - Thomas Muller 9 @Tomi-Familoni
  10. 10 BUG | DEFECT | ERROR | FAILURE @Tomi-Familoni

  11. 2. BUG HUNTING Discovering and recognising what a bug is.


    Input validations ▹ Functionalities ▹ Performance ▹ Stability of the application 12 @Tomi-Familoni
  13. TIPS WHEN HUNTING FOR BUGS ▹ Attempt to reproduce the

    issue at least three times ▹ Always record evidence ▹ Pay attention to requirements/business rules ▹ Seek to observe a pattern 13 @Tomi-Familoni
  14. HOW TO HUNT FOR BUGS: PRACTICAL CLASS DEMO APP: https://www.globalsqa.com/angularJs-p

    rotractor/BankingProject 14 @Tomi-Familoni
  15. 3. BUG REPORT Discovering a bug is crucial, communicating the

    bug effectively is paramount.
  16. BUG REPORT ▹ What? – What has happened with the

    application? ▹ How? – What did we do to produce the bug? ▹ Where? – Where exactly in the app did we find the bug? 16 @Tomi-Familoni
  17. EFFECTIVE BUG REPORT ▹ Simple and Precise ▹ Information Dense

    ▹ Easy to Follow 17 @Tomi-Familoni
  18. EFFECTIVE BUG REPORT ▹ Without being able to reproduce the

    bug, developers are essentially stumbling in the dark. 18 @Tomi-Familoni
  19. COMPONENTS OF A BUG REPORT 1. Title/Summary Short, simple and

    specific title of the bug. 2. Description Briefly give a quick explanation of the problem encountered. 3.Steps to reproduce Describe how to reproduce the bug in step by step manner that are easy to follow 19 4.Expected Result The expected output from the application for the task/ feature executed 5. Actual Result The actual output from the application for the task/ feature executed 6. Attachments Upload evidence for developer to see for themselves eg screenshot, video, logs. @Tomi-Familoni
  20. COMPONENTS OF A BUG REPORT 7. Priority This is how

    soon the bug should be fixed. This is the level of business importance assigned to a bug 8. Severity Is the degree of impact that a defect has on the application. Blocker | Critical | Major | Minor 9. Version The version of the product that you are testing. It is essential to note which version of the software exhibited the failure that we are reporting 20 @Tomi-Familoni
  21. COMPONENTS OF A BUG REPORT Others include; ▹ Defect ID

    ▹ Project Name ▹ Reporter Name ▹ Assignee Name ▹ Defect Reported Date 21 @Tomi-Familoni
  22. 22 @Tomi-Familoni

  23. 23

  24. 24

  25. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE 1 Cynthia recently signed up on a social

    networking application 2 weeks ago on www.sermott.com. She tries logging in today and seems to have forgotten her password. She attempts clicking on the Reset Password button on the Login page but boom, she sees a 404 error page. Write an effective bug report for this. 25 @Tomi-Familoni
  26. 26

  27. 27

  28. 28 Title: Description: Steps to reproduce: Expected Result: Actual Result:

  29. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE 2 On the homepage of a new web

    app, TabSearch (tabsearch.co.uk), you noticed that the search functionality does not work. To be specific, after inputting any text in the search bar and clicking on the search button, the page just reloads but no search result is displayed. Now, let’s write an effect bug report. 29 @Tomi-Familoni
  30. 30

  31. PRACTICAL EXAMPLE 3 To create a new user on a

    student portal, you need to logon into the application and navigate to USERS menu > New User, then enter all the details in the User form like, First Name, Last Name, Age, Address, Phone etc. Once you enter all these need to click on SAVE button in order to save the user and you can see a success message saying, “New User has been created successfully”. Now you entered into your application by logging in and navigate to USERS menu > New user, entered all the information and clicked on SAVE button and now the application crashed. Let’s write a bug report for this bug. 31
  32. “ An effective bug report should contain only one bug,

    in a clear and concise manner yet informationally dense. - instabug.com 32

    reproduce the bug, developers are essentially stumbling in the dark.. 33
  34. 3. BUG REPORTING/ DEFECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS Discovering a bug is

    crucial, communicating the bug effectively is paramount.
  35. Bug Reporting Tools 35 ▹ Jira ▹ Trello ▹ Bugzilla

    ▹ Asana ▹ Excel Sheet ▹ Email @Tomi-Familoni
  36. 36 EXERCISE ▹ Mention 6 items that must be included

    in any bug report. ▹ Identify 3 qualities of a good bug report. ▹ What is a bug report? ▹ In your opinion, what could be the result of a poor bug report? @Tomi-Familoni
  37. 37 EXERCISE Susan is a new QA Engineer at XYZ

    company. She was asked to test a newly developed mobile application, HuBBify. Upon launching the app, she noticed that her internet went off briefly due to poor internet reception and then the app crashed. This was quite strange to her and was not expected. @Tomi-Familoni
  38. 38 EXERCISE Susan confirms this behaviour by repeating the test

    multiple times when the app is on Flight mode. To her dismay, indeed the app crashes whenever she is on the login page and there is no internet connection. Kindly formulate a concise yet quality bug report that will help the dev team reproduce and ultimately, fix this bug. @Tomi-Familoni
  39. THANKS! Any questions? 39

  40. Let’s Connect Linkedin: Oluwatomi Familoni Web: familonitomi.com Twitter: Tomi-Familoni Github:

    Tomi-Familoni 40