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Monetising second screen social TV audiences

Monetising second screen social TV audiences

This is a talk I gave at a masterclass session at UbiQ in Paris. It focuses on the new monetisation models being associated with second screen TV content: data, customer acquisition, freemium content and commerce.

It's got some insights that we haven't shared before, which I hope will be useful for the industry.

(There's a missing video on slide 28)


Tom McDonnell

June 18, 2012


  1. Monetising the second screen 2

  2. Making great TV even better @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk 3

  3. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk We get people like Joe 4

  4. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk To do this 5

  5. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk While they’re watching their favourite TV shows

  6. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk On whichever device they choose 7

  7. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk We give them the chance to do

    VALUBL! things like this 8
  8. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Or even this 9

  9. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk data capture, customer acquisition, commerce, premium paid

    content, cross promotion. Yum. But it’s NOT about advertising per-se (display CPMs are tiny) 10
  10. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk It also makes them more likely to

    do this 11
  11. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk And this (social reach is valuable) 12

  12. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Hype breeds scepticism Quite rightly! > 13

  13. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk “Ok that’s great, congratulations, I’m happy for

    you. But what’s the value of a second screen user?” CEO, Broadcaster 123 14
  14. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk 1. They enjoy themselves more 2. They

    amplify and increase the reach of the show by sharing and commenting on social networks 3. They buy relevant products 4. They concentrate harder and have higher recall of brand messages 5. They’re more likely to tune in live 6. They’re less likely to skip ad breaks 7. They provide rich personal data We have case studies which prove each of these points 15
  15. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk “That’s interesting. So how many second screeners

    are there?” CEO, Broadcaster 123 16
  16. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk We define the size of the market

    as the total number of TV viewers who are capable of connecting to a TV show in the living room. People like Joe who have a wireless connected device (smartphone, tablet or laptop). It’s up to the TV show to persuade them to get connected and do something. 17
  17. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk • Smartphone penetration is between 37-50% across

    UK, Spain, Germany, France & Italy (comScore) • Additionally broadband penetration across Europe (per 100 inhabitants) ranges between 21% and 32% (Eurodata) • Nearly half of all UK adults regularly use the second screen (phone, tablet, laptop) to comment while watching TV (YouGov) There are a lot of people like Joe out there! 18
  18. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk “What sort of response rates do you

    get?” CEO, Broadcaster 123 19
  19. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Answer: it varies. Instant response rates are

    related to a range of factors • Talent. Does the talent in the show care passionately enough to ‘sell it’ to the audience? • Simplicity. Is it easy to understand instantly? • Timing. Are people eating their dinner? • Gratification. Is the interactivity rewarding? • Audience. Are they ‘connected’? • Attention. Does it allow the audience to continue watching without too much distraction 20
  20. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk 0.5%-1% Light Polling & Rating 1-3% Rating

    & Commenting (live on-air VO) 3-4% Playing along with a pre-recorded show 10% Playing along with a live quiz show ! SOCIAL PLAY-ALONG SYNCHED EXCLUSIVE CONTENT REALTIME RATINGS & POLLING PREDICTION GAMES SOCIAL COMMENTS 21
  21. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk The instant response is just a springboard

  22. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk 12,000 Players Live During one weekday live

    event 1,000,000 Players 24/7 Over a month of live and non-live play CBBC “Run” the bigger picture 23
  23. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk New Look Style The Nation (Channel 4,

    TwoFour, Mother, Monterosa) 20% of the TV audience first discovered the show through social media (valuable!) 24
  24. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk “Can I see some money-making examples please?”

    CEO, Broadcaster 123 25
  25. Free to play along Premium content available 24/7 through in-app

    purchasing Million Pound Drop (Endemol, C4) Freemium apps 26
  26. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Sponsorship Activation / Customer Acquisition Red or

    Black (ITV/Syco) 27
  27. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Integrating Second Screen Social: an example 28

  28. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Relevant Product Placement https://vimeo.com/29075314 29

  29. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Data, Customer Acquisition, Commerce, Social 30

  30. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Data, Customer Acquisition, Commerce, Social 31

  31. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Data, Customer Acquisition, Commerce, Social 32

  32. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Data, Customer Acquisition, Commerce, Social 33

  33. @tommcdonnell @monterosalondon tom@monterosa.co.uk Conclusion: • There is immense untapped value

    in ‘connected’ audiences • But it’s very hard to drive big numbers without absolute buy- in of Broadcaster, TV production and talent • Business models are being established, quite slowly. • Creative approaches are being adopted, gradually. • The next challenge is in creating repetitive, scalable approaches to both production and commercial exploitation • Don’t believe the hype, we’re still at the beginning 34
  34. Thank you Get in touch: Twitter: @tommcdonnell LinkedIn: /tjmcdonnell tom@monterosa.co.uk

    Get this presentation here: http://speakerdeck.com/u/tommcdonnell 35