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Gradle Build Scanを使ってビルドのことを知ろう potatotips #87

Gradle Build Scanを使ってビルドのことを知ろう potatotips #87

Tomoki Yamashita

April 26, 2024

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  1. Build Scanの使い方 8 $ ./gradlew assembleDebug --scan ... BUILD SUCCESSFUL

    in 6m 47s 1463 actionable tasks: 1098 executed, 362 from cache, 3 up-to-date Publishing a build scan to scans.gradle.com requires accepting the Gradle Terms of Service defined at https://gradle.com/terms-of-service. Do you accept these terms? [yes, no] yes Gradle Terms of Service accepted. Publishing build scan... https://gradle.com/s/xxxxxxxxxxxxx Configuration cache entry stored.
  2. FAQ

  3. A. 一度もアクセスのないレポートは3ヶ月で削除されます。アクセスのあったレ ポートは無期限で閲覧できます。 > A Build Scan that has not

    been viewed within 3 months of being created will be removed. Once a Build Scan has been viewed, it will be available indefinitely. 無期限?ほんとうに? A. また、オーナーは削除できます。 Q. Build Scanのレポートはいつ削除されるの? 26