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Documentation Made Easy

Tim Carman
September 24, 2020

Documentation Made Easy

Automate the generation of as-built documentation for your Nutanix environment.

Tim Carman

September 24, 2020

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  1. Documentation Made Easy Sydney NUG – 24th September, 2020

  2. 2 Technical Team Lead – Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Thomas Duryea

    Logicalis Tim Carman @tpcarman Documentation Made Easy
  3. 3 Documentation Challenges Missing, incomplete or outdated documentation Lack of

    comprehensive reporting tools Reporting tools are inconsistent in output, style and formatting Manually generating documentation is time consuming and error prone Every environment is different
  4. 4 As Built Report As Built Report is a configuration

    document framework which utilises PowerShell to produce as- built documentation in multiple document formats for multiple vendors and technologies.
  5. 5 Project Objectives Automated Generate documents quickly and easily Simple

    Easily build, maintain, deploy and use Modular Build a library of reports for different vendors and technologies Granular Provide diverse levels of information and configurable options Consistent Uniform operation, styling and document formats
  6. 6 The Power of Automation REST APIs PowerShell As Built

    Report + =
  7. 7 As Built Report Features Generate reports in multiple document

    formats DOCX, HTML and Text Custom formatting to style documents to your own look and feel Tailor the report information detail levels by section Use health checks to highlight configuration issues Attach and send reports via email
  8. 8 As Built Report Components Report Styles Use a default

    style or create your own to match your corporate identity Set text & table formatting with fonts, colours, borders & highlighted cells and rows Configure headers & footers, corporate logos & more As Built Configuration Configure settings of the report such as company information, user folder and email settings Report Configuration Set levels of detail by section Toggle health checks on/off to highlight configuration issues Toggle additional options, such as headers & footers, table captions
  9. As Built Report Demo

  10. 10 As Built Report Review Supports Multiple Document Formats Generate

    reports in MS Word, HTML or Text. MS Word is not required to generate reports. Simple to Deploy & Use Installable from the PowerShell Gallery. Uses common toolsets which are widely available and adopted. Supports Multiple Reports As Built Report is a configuration document framework which can support one to many reports. More information is available at www.asbuiltreport.com or follow @AsBuiltReport on Twitter Fully Automated Generate documentation which is accurate and current in a consistent and automated fashion. Customisable Customise the look and feel of the report. Specify different configurations for different environments. Open Source Free to use. Contribute to the project to improve it’s functionality and develop new reports. github.com/AsBuiltReport
  11. 11 Thank You!