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Update on Multi-Messenger Follow-Up WG activities

Update on Multi-Messenger Follow-Up WG activities

Peter Jonker
LOFAR Transients Key Project Meeting, Meudon, December 2011



June 23, 2012

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  1. LOFAR TKP: MMMW WG Dec 2011 1 Follow-up working group

    • Peter Jonker (Co-leader; SRON, University of Nijmegen & CfA) • Rudy Wijnands (Co-leader; University of Amsterdam) • David Bersier (Liverpool John Moores University) • Catherine Brocksopp (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) • Stephane Corbel (University Paris Diderot & CEA Saclay) • Ed Daw (University of Sheffield) • Vik Dhillon (University of Sheffield) • Alexander van der Horst (University of Amsterdam) • Lucien Kuiper (SRON) • Casey Law (University of California, Berkeley) • Sera Markoff (University of Amsterdam) • James Miller-Jones (Curtin Institute of Radio Astronomy) • Teo Muñoz-Darias (University of Southampton) • Paul O'Brien (University of Leicester) • Anthony Rushton (ESO & Onsala Space Observatory) • Adam Stewart (University of Southampton) • Valeriu Tudose (ASTRON) • Anna Watts (University of Amsterdam) • Patrick Woudt (University of Cape Town) Importance of counterparts at other wavebands shown in Frail et al. 2011
  2. LOFAR TKP: MMMW WG Dec 2011 LT: David Bersier opt

    WHT: Dhillon & Jonker opt/nir spectra GTC: Casares opt spectra PAIRITEL: Bloom NIR images MAGIC & HESS: Ribo, Domainko, Markoff Veritas: Markoff EVLA & VLBA: Miller-Jones ALMA: Rushton (unlikely to get time) MeerKat: Woudt, Fender RXTE (still 2 weeks) & XMM: Wijnands INTEGRAL: Kuiper, data rights Swift: Brocksopp, O’Brien MAXI: Fender LIGO/VIRGO: Daw, Watts Facilities with accepted proposals or MoUs
  3. LOFAR TKP: MMMW WG Dec 2011 PannSTARRS: MoU expired ATA:

    Seti run facility now Fermi: MoU expired Facilities: MoUs expired New facilities: Vik’s 0.5m robotic telescope
  4. LOFAR TKP: MMMW WG Dec 2011 4 Bell #1: optical

    LT images
  5. LOFAR TKP: MMMW WG Dec 2011 5 Link to the

    wiki space on TKP facilities http://www.lofar.org/operations/doku.php?id=science:ksp:transients