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What If No One Was Forced to Do Scrum?

What If No One Was Forced to Do Scrum?

Forcing people to do things never works. Instead, change is a collective learning process, the generation and application of new knowledge. This presentation explores how Scrum can be part of a healthy process of change for an organization.

Travis Birch

March 27, 2018

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  1. @xroadstree The Need for Change Our customers are dissatisfied. Let’s

    reorg around Scrum Teams. Scrum teams aren’t solving all of our problems. We need to focus on making teams more effective.
  2. @xroadstree Install Scrum We need to improve. Let’s install Scrum.

    Scrum fails to install. We must be doing it wrong.
  3. @xroadstree Leadership Change To improve our business, leadership needs to

    change. Servant-leadership! Empathy, encouragement, cheerleading, hugs. Our service delivery to our customers is not fit for their purpose(s).
  4. @xroadstree What We Do for Our Customers Highly complex and

    difficult to manage ?! Sense our Customers’ Needs Fulfill our Customers’ Needs Respond to our Customers’ Needs !
  5. @xroadstree ?! ! What We Do for Our Customers Highly

    complex and difficult to manage $$?!! $? $$?! $?!!! $$$?!!!! $$?!
  6. @xroadstree ?! ! What We Do for Our Customers Highly

    complex and difficult to manage $$?!! $? $$?! $?!!! $$$?!!!! $$?! FEELS LIKE A BIG PROBLEM !
  7. @xroadstree Big Fix We are losing market share to our

    younger, faster, cheaper competition. Let’s go Agile. Huge “transformation” J-curve: deep, long, expensive, painful. We must have the wrong people: complacent, not aligned.
  8. @xroadstree Big Change with Humans Our business is struggling. Let’s

    force our people to change. People resist change. Resistance causes change failure.
  9. @xroadstree How Change Really Works Beliefs & Assumptions Strategy or

    Method Goal Change in course of action expected to achieve initial goal. Change in course of action decided by rethinking the initial goal and reevaluating beliefs and assumptions. Single Loop Learning Double Loop Learning
  10. @xroadstree How We Get Better We want our services to

    be fitter for the purposes of our customers. Let’s do something about it. Try something small and safe to fail/ rollback. Did we improve as expected? Highly complex and difficult to manage.
  11. @xroadstree To Scrum or not Scrum? If there is anything

    in the Scrum Guide that you are not doing, then you are not doing Scrum. So what? Hint: It’s not about Scrum…
  12. @xroadstree Let’s Do Something About It Focus on customers and

    what they care about, rather than on teams and how they are working. Let people truly self-organize. Encourage small organizational learning experiments. Beware wholesale change; people get hurt, resistance is the primary cause of change failure. Learn from/with others, think for yourselves. Uncover better ways…
  13. @xroadstree Dialogue Travis Birch | Partner @ Berteig | Management

    Consultant & Trainer www.berteig.com | www.linkedin.com/in/travisbirch