STATIK Beyond the Classroom: Adopting Systems Thinking with Powerful Simplicity

STATIK Beyond the Classroom: Adopting Systems Thinking with Powerful Simplicity

The Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban (STATIK), is a core element of the LeanKanban University (LKU) Kanban System Design (KSD) aka Kanban Management Professional I (KMPI) foundation course.

A central characteristic that runs through the Kanban Method is its ability to convey highly effective approaches to managing complex work in a clear and simple way, such that students of Lean Kanban University classes leave the classroom with powerful tools that they can apply immediately to the improvement of their organizations. However, students sometimes struggle to fully realize the potential benefits after they return to their own work environments.

What are the steps of translating classroom learning into acts of leadership that result in the shared understanding and agreement required for organizational introduction of Kanban?


Travis Birch

April 10, 2018