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Targeting for open government

F9bab215a0999108bb69806bd7d58ca6?s=47 Stephen Collins
December 12, 2011

Targeting for open government

In building open government services, we often focus on work that delivers fantastic value to the public. But what comes before that? We need to decide who we're talking to. How we're doing it. Why we're doing it. What our expectations are.

The slides accompany my talk at the Social Media in Government conference in Canberra on 13-14 December 2011.


Stephen Collins

December 12, 2011


  1. Targeting for Open Government Building a social media strategy for

    APCMCOE Stephen Collins
  2. We had a problem

  3. “...improve Australia’s effectiveness in civil- military collaboration for conflict and

    disaster management overseas.”
  4. ???

  5. {

  6. training research collaboration strategic WoG guidance relationships International equivalents Foreign

  7. Culture mix

  8. herding cats Cats that Webchick is herding from muir.ceardach

  9. But not in the open...

  10. What did we need?

  11. Information outwards

  12. Knowledge sharing

  13. 21st Century comms

  14. Change

  15. But not radical or too much

  16. Who to influence and why?

  17. Gaps?

  18. “known unknowns”

  19. What did we do?

  20. Set some goals

  21. Identities

  22. Wrote staff guidance (and published it on the public web)

  23. Listening plus outbound social media (talking back where we can)

  24. New site (and still only public commentable blog in Defence)

  25. CC-BY everything

  26. A better newsletter

  27. Radical, huh?

  28. NOT

  29. What can you do?

  30. Know your audience

  31. For us it’s...

  32. stakeholder agencies other governments foreign equivalents academia think tanks latent

  33. Measure

  34. Site and social media traffic

  35. Mood and conversation

  36. Awareness

  37. Get confident

  38. Take on opportunities to learn

  39. Staff permission

  40. Staff involvement

  41. Authorship and identity

  42. JFDI

  43. Where are we now?

  44. 12 months in we have a long way to go

  45. But we’re a long way ahead of where we were

  46. Thanks!

  47. Stephen Collins twitter: @trib

  48. License