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Accessibility Findings - Access To Work - DWP Digital

Accessibility Findings - Access To Work - DWP Digital

A summary of the different things we found testing the service with people who had various types of assistive technology support or just had particular needs because of their condition.

Tom Morgan

July 07, 2017

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  1. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque A grant you can

    apply for if you have a disability or health condition that makes it difficult for you to do parts of your job.
  2. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque • Guerilla testing •

    Lab testing • Accessibility testing
  3. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque People told Dragon the

    box they wanted to edit by saying the label.
  4. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque Blind or visually impaired

    people used section numbers to check the form submitted OK.
  5. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque Everyone was keen to

    get to the bit where they could tell us their story.
  6. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque People with autism found

    big, general, open ended questions very stressful.
  7. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque Ils ont tendance à

    agir de la même façon que moi quand je suis en train de lire le français.
  8. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque Their fear was that

    bad spelling would obscure what they meant, and give an impression of stupidity.
  9. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque Can I just email

    you? Yes, but it’s very very dangerous!
  10. Access To Work – DWP @morganesque “What we really need

    to do to design, is look at the extremes” – Dan Formosa, Smart Design, “Objectified”
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