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Purna Virji - work your assets off

Purna Virji - work your assets off

Turing Fest

July 05, 2023

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  1. WORK YOUR ASSETS OFF Build With Distribution In Mind for

    More Impact with Less Effort PURNA VIRJI Author, High-Impact Content Marketing
  2. High impact comes from designing your content and distribution to

    work harder for you. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji
  3. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji DEMOGRAP HICS Demographic and socio-economic characteristics such as

    age range, gender, ethnicity, education level, occupation, employment history, income level and marital status.
  4. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji PSYCHOGRAP HICS Lifestyle and personality-based characteristics such as

    values and beliefs, interests and hobbies, opinions and emotions as well as priorities and motivations.
  5. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji FIRMOGRA PHICS Organization-based characteristics such as trade, industry,

    location, years in business, company stage, size, revenue and purpose.
  6. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji Why start from scratch with each audience? Repurpose

    existing content to meet their needs in a more personalized and relevant way. Demographic Psychographic Firmographic Geographic
  7. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji Take content created for one stage of the

    funnel and create derivatives that can work for other stages.
  8. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji It all comes down to the stages of

    awareness. Source: Schwartz, E.M. (2004) Breakthrough Advertising.
  9. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji 4TH STAGE: PRODUCT AWARE Source: Schwartz, E.M. (2004)

    Breakthrough Advertising. Think mid to bottom funnel.
  10. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji FOR PROFIT OR GAIN e.g., Speak to the

    confidence they’ll enjoy with whiter teeth and fresher breath.
  11. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji FOR PRIDE OR EGO e.g., Praise them for

    making the right choices for their dental health.
  12. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji SIMPLY ON IMPULSE e.g., Tempt them to try

    the cool new flavour that’s extra tingly.
  13. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji FOR COMFORT OR CONVENIENCE e.g., Share how it

    was designed to be extra effective in preventing decay.
  14. /in/purnavirji @purnavirji FOR ACCEPTANCE OR AFFECTION e.g., Show how a

    confident smile can help them win friends and influence people.
  15. THANK YOU! Say hello: Amazon.com or KoganPage.com You can find

    the book here: /in/purnavirji @purnavirji