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Rails Girls Vienna - Nitrous Intro

Dab3ae281884c0bf5015eb7f3035dea4?s=47 Twissi
November 14, 2014

Rails Girls Vienna - Nitrous Intro

Introduction talk about Nitrous.io used at Rails Girls Vienna 2014.



November 14, 2014

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  1. Rails Girls Vienna Installationparty Get to know nitrous.io by @twissi

  2. Nitrous.io - What is it? • a backend development platform

    in the cloud • helps developers save time needed for setting up the environment • provides web-based IDE (= Integrated Development Environment) Rails Girls Vienna
  3. Why cloud-based? • Pro • get started easily without any

    installation • cloud based - your development box is accessible anywhere • code with a web-based editor or with your favorite text editor • share your workspace, collaborate • Cons • can only be used with internet, no offline work possible • if you do not have a payment plan, development box shuts down after a while until used again • may be limited to performance Rails Girls Vienna
  4. Say it in Nitrous terms • A box • name

    of a server instance with installed tools based on chosen template (e.g. Ruby, Node, etc.) • you can have multiple projects in a single box • N20 • powers your nitrous account, can be purchased to support several boxes or boxes with higher resource requirements Rails Girls Vienna
  5. Get started • Register for free account at https://www.nitrous.io/ •

    You need a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox) • Nitrous Desktop available - syncs files with your Nitrous boxes (only needed if you would like to use your own editor) Rails Girls Vienna
  6. Set up a Rails box • Click new box •

    Pick the RubyRails box template • Enter a unique name • Pick a region -> Start IDE Rails Girls Vienna
  7. Nitrous IDE • file explorer • quick way to view

    or navigate through files • home root is your starting point with one directory called "workspace • editor pane • edit files • jump between multiple files (tabs) • console window • interact with your box through commands Rails Girls Vienna
  8. Get to know the console • create new folder: mkdir

    mydir • create file: touch myfile.txt • navigate: cd foldername (cd .. - go up one directory) • remove file: rm myfile.txt • good to know: • use tab-key for autocompletion Rails Girls Vienna
  9. Hint • if you need images or other files in

    your box use “Upload Files” - Button • use the refresh button to update file explorer • if you do not need this box anymore you can shut it down at the boxes overview page and then you can destroy the box by using the “terminate” button Rails Girls Vienna
  10. Shortcuts • http://help.nitrous.io/ide-shortcuts/ • Copy & Paste: Rails Girls Vienna

    Windows Users Copy: Shift + Ctrl + c Paste: Shift + Ctrl + v Mac Users Copy: Command + c Paste: Command + v
  11. You are ready! • Get started video • https://learnable.com/hub/play/47 Rails

    Girls Vienna by @twissi