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Contributions [lightning talk] (PyconCZ 2015)

Contributions [lightning talk] (PyconCZ 2015)

Vladimír Kriška

November 14, 2015

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  1. What you need as contributor • Have an idea or

    patch (you probably have) • Have testing environment or way how to test your work • See your work “in action” (this is important!) • Have a place where to submit
  2. What you need as a maintainer • Contributors • Same

    things as contributor • Way how to test submitted work • Positive attitude • Patience :)
  3. Problem Actually there's no fast way how you can test

    your patch, since you have no time to: – Install this set of packages … – Download this and this … – ... – Compile your own kernel
  4. Solution • Prepare environment for contributors – This also apply

    to your work env. – It's true that people from “different floor” are interested in other projects in your company • Make sure you have contribution guide – And manual how to run/start project in few steps
  5. How? • Environment, which I can start in one minute

    • To run pycon.cz locally you need 2 commands: – git clone – gulp