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DL2022 Ibrahim Ayub - Leading with Empathy: Learn more by speaking less

November 16, 2022

DL2022 Ibrahim Ayub - Leading with Empathy: Learn more by speaking less

When we think of “users” we often confine their identities to how they’re interacting with our products and services. But how might we understand their mental models of the world and how those behaviors translate into the experiences we deliver? In this session, we’ll explore ethnographic and visual methods for continuous research, the role of language and metaphors in survey design, and actionable strategies to develop meaningful, adaptable products.


November 16, 2022

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  1. Leading with Empathy Learn more by speaking less Ibrahim Ayub

    November 15-16, 2022 UX Australia Design Leadership
  2. User Research Experience Strategy Human-Centered Design Near an outlet Location

    Focus Hi there! I’m Ibrahim Consulting | UX | Ethnography | Computer Science Background
  3. 1. Construct their mental model 2. Investigate with minimal bias

    3. Reorient across systems 3 steps for empathetic design leadership
  4. “A frame is a mental structure…and shapes the way people

    see the world, goals we seek, and choices we make” Time is Money More is Up User Groups are a Community - George Lakoff
  5. Less words, more empathy Metaphors Survey Design Visualization Product search

    and selection is a genie granting wishes Imagine the employees are on a bus. What does it look like? Should participants rate on a scale of -5 – 5+ or 0 – 10?
  6. Implications for Design Leadership Strategy Design Target Customers Market Entry

    & Expansion Navigation Images Execution Stakeholder Involvement Co-Creation Colours Iconography
  7. In Practice: Movig Business suite for content creators (Sales, Projects,

    Payments) • The ‘Creator businessperson’ • Visual cues • Reinforce journey • Time commitments • Educational resources • Routines over results Leading Practices Lessons Learned
  8. Wrapping up • Outputs depend on nature of inputs (mindsets)

    • Minimizing language improves empathetic leadership • The situation is constantly evolving 1. Construct their mental models 2. Investigate with minimal bias 3. Reorient across systems Takeaways 3 Steps