UX14 - Automotive User Experience: The Next Horizon (Satish Patil)

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October 10, 2014

UX14 - Automotive User Experience: The Next Horizon (Satish Patil)

The theme of this century is the evolution of car as the biggest digital experience platform, which consumers will interact with predominantly.

With cars becoming increasingly connected, they are no more about mobility, but are also offices, hangout places, virtual homes, media centers, entertainment platforms and navigation devices for it’s users..

You can expect today’s drivers to make calls, respond to social networking posts, listen to media, find nearest hotel, control hosts of sophisticated vehicle functionalities(e.g. autonomous car parking), address healthcare aspects like having massage in car seat or monitor health parameters.

To effectively deal with such an explosion of usecase scenarios, automotive user interfaces are increasingly deploying extremely complex multi-modal interfaces involving, voice, touch, gesture and haptic interfaces. Given the challenging scenarios in terms of accessing these functionalities considering the safety aspects, puts very high premium on aspects like visual ergonomics, co-relation between multiple controls, central consoles, steering controls and instrument panels which are completely digital.

To this effect, we would highlight Introduction of new HMI’s, evolution of clusters, why Multi-Modal HMI’s will be the new norm, connected cars - the future and Tata Elxsi’s role in providing niche, cutting edge user experiences.



October 10, 2014