UXINDIA 2015- Meaningful Customer Experience(Dhaval Shah) by uxindia

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October 29, 2015

UXINDIA 2015- Meaningful Customer Experience(Dhaval Shah) by uxindia

People dont just buy products or services, but they seek meaningful experiences. It is indisputable that we are in an experience economy. An experience need not be only functional (ease of use of a product or service), or emotional (delightful). But it should evoke a meaning in customer's life. A business that is designed to connect with its customers at the most stable core meanings level is more likely to succeed in creating a loyal customer base. This talk will explain what is a core meaning, why they are so important to connect with customers, and why a business should be in the business of evoking meaningful experiences in their customers' lives.



October 29, 2015