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UXINDIA15- Design in women(Sneha Bhadauria ) by uxindia

October 31, 2015

UXINDIA15- Design in women(Sneha Bhadauria ) by uxindia

Through this talk Sneha would like to discuss and present her observations about design, women, work culture and whats best for the UX industry. Is design omnipresent arts or science with which women approach it? She will also touch what synergy works best for men and women at work to design more successful products for the users.


October 31, 2015

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  1. None
  2. Hi!

  3. Design IN Women

  4. Let me start with a little story..

  5. My First Love!

  6. Design + Women

  7. What do our genes say?

  8. But where are all these women designers?

  9. How many women designers did I see in the last

    4 companies?
  10. Will having Equal or More women designers in studio’s and

    our offices effect our business?
  11. Synthesis of feminine and masculine energies..

  12. How has this changed, how we design at Yuj Designs?

  13. Design is an omni-present art in women, and when they

    study it, the art becomes a science and with a good mix of both women make very successful designers…
  14. Thank you