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UXINDIA17 - How to Transform Without Losing Your Way

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November 20, 2017

UXINDIA17 - How to Transform Without Losing Your Way

How to Transform Without Losing Your Way



November 20, 2017


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  2. How to Transform Without Losing Your Way

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  4. Caitlyn Phillips ©2017 Caitlyn Phillips Confidential 3 I’m Caitlyn, a

    designer. Storyteller Design Thinker Instigator Evangelizer Facilitator Systems Thinker Researcher Educator Strategist Activist Problem Solver Creative Thinker Innovator Technologist Motivator Business Leader Advocate Entrepreneur
  5. These things are important to me. Synthesis I believe in

    the how and the why, the process of discovery, the act of seeing. I love to reframe the problem, to re-think the need. To ask a different question 
 and solve a different problem. Co-creation I believe that people matter. I am energized by community and the sharing of knowledge. I believe we are always stronger as an ensemble. Empathy I believe it is our duty as designers to ensure what we create honors who we are designing for, and we consider the implications our systems have on the world. Transformation We can ignite change from 
 the inside-out by using design to unify beliefs. We can define a vision of the future by uncovering needs and creating alignment, then we make bold moves.
  6. Find your values.

  7. Find your purpose.

  8. Do it with love.