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Finding Your Perfect Web Type Match

Val Head
May 03, 2013

Finding Your Perfect Web Type Match

The world of web type has opened up huge possibilities in typography for web designers but sadly not all fonts on the web were made for the web. We have browser rendering, performance and more to consider on top of our typographic design decisions. This makes choosing type for use on the web just a bit tricky. In this talk Val will cover techniques and tools for balancing aesthetics and performance when selecting web type. We’ll cover everything you need to end up with a web font that’s “just your type”.

Val Head

May 03, 2013

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  1. 2 crying cats some gifs 1 pretty terrible pun all

    the helpful web type advice I could pack in
  2. - Steve Matteson, Monotype “Every typeface will have its own

    sweet spots … so it’s useful to have a palette of typefaces to work with.”