Native Agile Psychology of Teams and Individuals

Native Agile Psychology of Teams and Individuals

Have you ever wondered how teams and individuals form a product vision? What soft skills do people with product vision have, and can these skills be nurtured and developed? Does company culture affect the personal qualities and values ​of its employees? Do our mindset and personal qualities affect our level of happiness?

I have analyzed how various teams at JetBrains work and come up with a list of common qualities and values shared by all of our teams. Based on this experience, I will try to prove that the key factor in our products’ success is the mindset of the people who create these products.

I will describe the special qualities that our people, teams, and the company as a whole exemplify, and how these talents can be cultivated and nurtured. I will also touch upon the dark side of such a flexible and informal process and illustrate the concept of a meaningful life as a part of happiness at work.

At my session you will discover:
* a set of practices that you can apply to your team;
* a set of personal soft skills that team members need to have product vision; and
* a recipe for nurturing these skills on the individual, team and company levels.


Valerie Andrianova

July 18, 2018