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Styling iOS apps Swiftly (NSSpain '16)

Styling iOS apps Swiftly (NSSpain '16)

Styling apps with stylesheets is fast, it enforces focus on reusability, and it's literally a common language with designers. Although there are several interesting ways to consider, let's see if Swift can revolutionize this approach! 🐥

When working on different apps of the same brand, there are a lot of logic we build to be shared. It's also quite usual that apps wear similar design, that's when reusing style becomes pretty important. We came across several solutions when working with Objective-C, like Classy and NUI, and love both. I'd like to share the experience we gathered through building apps with them, the good parts and the tradeoffs, and how does it look like if we forget these and try to solve the problem with Swift and its awesomeness.

Agnes Vasarhelyi

September 15, 2016

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