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Shedding Light on Development Process

Shedding Light on Development Process

There are many steps included in working on an application end to end. Researching, assessing requirements, and addressing an end user’s needs are all part of this. Turns out, it follows many of the same steps as those for designing lights for a dance or theater performance. This talk will bring some enlightenment to the things lighting designers and software developers can bring to each other.


Victoria Gonda

September 15, 2017


  1. @TTGonda #WCR17 Shedding Light on Development Process Victoria Gonda

  2. @TTGonda #WCR17 Vision Develop a good picture of the end

 before you start creating
  3. @TTGonda #WCR17 Research Understand any background knowledge
 to make educated

  4. @TTGonda #WCR17 Implementation Create the best product from
 what you

  5. @TTGonda #WCR17 Feedback Make sure you’re on the
 right track

  6. @TTGonda #WCR17 Iteration Repeat the previous steps
 until the job

    is done
  7. @TTGonda #WCR17 Showtime Let the world see what
 you have

  8. @TTGonda #WCR17 Thanks! Victoria Gonda Photo credit: Erik Alberg

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