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Viking Blogger Demo: Introduction

Viking Blogger Demo: Introduction

The Viking Blogger App is a demo application that we’ll be building during the prep work and over the course of our intensive program to show you an end-to-end design and production process for a real web application.

The prep videos will focus on the planning, design, user experience and mocking up of the application while our intensive course will cover its construction using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML and CSS and its deployment to Heroku. Go to http://vikingcodeschool.com to learn more.

Viking Education

July 17, 2014

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  1. The Viking Blogger:
    An Introduction to the demo application we’ll
    use throughout the prep and intensive program

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  2. Our Goals
    1. Show off a real development workflow from
    beginning to end for a complex application.
    2. Show off each of many specific coding skills
    that will be necessary to build the application.
    3. Show how to take a complicated application
    and construct it using very simple pieces (over
    the course of almost 4 months)

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  3. How it Will Work
    • Each week, we’ll cover a different part of the
    • We’ll start at the highest level and the most basic —
    figuring out who is going to use it and what the
    application will look like (the design process)
    • We’ll then move into the production process and
    construct everything from the database to the Rails
    back end to the HTML and CSS on the front…
    completely from scratch. We’ll even deploy it to
    Heroku so you can see it live on the web!

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  4. The Design Process
    Remember the Design Process steps?
    1. Discovery — figure out who the user is, what their
    goals are, and what will make them happy when
    using the app
    2. Strategy — figure out what information
    architecture, navigation, and interactions will best
    bring the user to their goals… imagine good UX!
    3. Design — mock up the pages to best serve the
    user goals.

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  5. Let’s get started!

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  6. Insert additional slides as I build out the
    production process — tie it back to the previous
    example of the backend stuff but super high level
    in an overview. Include lots of images and screen
    caps from the final product.

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  7. (This slide intentionally left blank)

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