Keys from the castle: ancient art of managing keys and trust

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April 24, 2017

Keys from the castle: ancient art of managing keys and trust

Key management slides for mobile developers (targeted on iOS devs, but useful for everyone).

#iosdev #security #trust #keys

- establishing trust
- what is key?
- building key management system: key generation, access, storage, revocation etc
- key management for iOS


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We will talk about building trust. Trust is built around various trust tokens: keys, passwords, secrets, biometric properties, things you have and things you know. We will talk about what should you trust, how to establish and verify trust, how to share trustedly among different users. We will discuss technical aspects: key exchange, key trust, key derivation, channel trust, multi-factor authentications. I will try to make the audience understand how this huge universe of tools and algorithms serves just one purpose: letting the right guys in, keeping the wrong guys outside our magical castle. And fairies there should be!









April 24, 2017