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Data Governance 101

June 27, 2020

Data Governance 101

Data compliance, privacy and security is hard because:
* There is too much data
* There is too much complexity
* There is no context to data usage.

Automation is the only hope.

This talk introduces the first steps to automate data governance tasks to answer:
* Where is my data ?
* Who has access to the data ?
* How is the data used ?

We will discuss data governance automation examples for AWS Redshift, Snowflake and MySQL from Tokern Data Governance projects (https://tokern.io) .
The information from these tasks will set the foundation for an effective strategy for compliance, privacy and security.


June 27, 2020

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  1. There is too much data. • 1.7 megabytes every second,

    per person • 1/3 of all data cloud https://www.nodegraph.se/big-data-facts/ https://gawker.com/the-public-nyc-taxicab-database-that-accidentally-track-1646724546
  2. There is too much complexity ~ 1500 Data Technologies >7000

    Marketing Tech Companies >700 Sales Tech Companies