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Importance of Open Source in IT

Wajahat Karim
September 01, 2018

Importance of Open Source in IT

A talk about Open Source given at Saylani Welfare Trust on 1st September 2018

Wajahat Karim

September 01, 2018

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  1. About Me Wajahat Karim - Mobile Developer (7+ years experience)

    - Writer (Co-Authored 2 Books) - Open Source Contributor - Editor at Android Pub (70,000+ followers)
  2. • About 2000 stars on GitHub • 8 Android Libraries

    used in 16000 apps globally • 13 different open source projects • Contributed code for some big projects Simply put...
  3. An open source software is one where its source code

    is open and available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. What is “open source”?
  4. • Closed hardware architecture • Closed software • Not for

    FREE • No licensing (software piracy) Pre-1980s
  5. A trip back in history 1983 GNU Project launches 1991

    Linux kernel 1997 The cathedral & the bazaar 1998 Hello “open source” 1999 Apache license 2004 Ubuntu launch 2005 Git released by Linus Torvads 2008 Github, Android etc 2018 Microsoft buys GitHub for $ 7.5B
  6. 1. Open source is free. 2. Open source is less

    secure. 3. Open source is not licensed. 4. Big companies don’t use open source. 5. Open source comes without software support. 6. Developers can’t sell it or make money from it. 7. Should have expert coding skills to become open source contributor. Common Myths about Open Source
  7. • Give something back • Get to collaborate with smart

    people • Great opportunity to learn something new • Great exposure • Looks awesome on resume and portfolio • Doesn’t have to be code • Provides good internet existence Why should I do it?
  8. 1. Higher studies 2. Job in Pakistan or abroad 3.

    Startups 4. Freelance or service providing 5. Other options Open Source for Students
  9. • A project you use regularly • A project that

    appears interesting to you • Trending projects Finding a project for contributions
  10. • Submit issues • Submit feature requests • Share projects

    on Twitter & social media Other ways to contribute
  11. 1. Fork the repository 2. Clone repository locally 3. Create

    a new branch 4. Submit pull request 5. Find next issue or project Making your first contribution
  12. • MIT License • Apache 2 • GNU GPL v3

    • BSD 3 TLDR Legal - https://tldrlegal.com/ Choose a License - https://choosealicense.com/ Open Source Licensing
  13. Thanks for listening. Website: https://wajahatkarim.com Email: [email protected] Join 100+ community

    of Pakistani android devs at: http://bit.do/pak-android-slack Github: https://github.com/wajahatkarim3 Twitter: @WajahatKarim Medium: https://medium.com/@WajahatKarim3