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Automating Android Apps with Github Actions

Automating Android Apps with Github Actions

Wajahat Karim delivers a talk about automating Android apps build process and APK delivery (CI/CD) through Github Actions at an online webinar organized by DSC MUET, Jamshoro and DSC IBA Karachi.

Full video of the talk is available at: https://youtu.be/rZioF9MVZ10

Wajahat Karim

June 06, 2020

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  1. Automating Android Apps with Github Wajahat Karim GDE in Android

    wajahatkarim.com DSC IBA Karachi
  2. - Google Developer Expert in Android - Over 8 years

    experience in Android - Open Source Contributor - Technical Blogs & Books Writer - Love to share my knowledge with others Follow me on Twitter @WajahatKarim | wajahatkarim.com This is Wajahat Karim
  3. Agenda 1. What is CI/CD? 2. Some Examples of CI/CD

    3. CI/CD in Android 4. Github Actions Demo
  4. What’s CI / CD? Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD)

  5. Some CI/CD Providers

  6. Example 1 - Website A workflow of my website: wajahatkarim.com

  7. Example 2 - Open Source Libraries Image: https://www.altexsoft.com/blog/engineering/comparison-of-most-popular-continuous-integration-tools-jenkins-teamcity-bamboo-travis-ci-and-more/

  8. CI / CD in Android Push code to Github Run

    tests / Build APK Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD)
  9. Github Actions Basics 1. Workflows 2. Triggers 3. Jobs

  10. A series of operations (jobs) performed after certain condition is

    met like pull request / commit push etc. Workflow
  11. An event such as commit is pushed, or pull request

    is created or a comment is added in pull request etc. This will start executing any workflow. Trigger
  12. The actual operation to be executed when trigger is hit.

    For example, run Unit Tests, build APK etc. Job
  13. Github Actions Image: https://overflow.buffer.com/2020/05/07/using-github-actions-for-android-continuous-integration-and-delivery/

  14. Show me the code! github.com/wajahatkarim3/Android-Github-Actions

  15. Thank you for listening... @WajahatKarim wajahatkarim.com youtube.com/c/wajahatkarim3