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#FicaEmCasaConf: Classify things in GO: The Easy Way

#FicaEmCasaConf: Classify things in GO: The Easy Way


Sheimy Rahman

April 18, 2020

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  1. Classify things in GO: The Easy Way Sheimy Rahman Principal

    Solutions Engineer at Oracle @Sheimy_Rahman
  2. Who am I?

  3. Who am I? Sooo close! Is Sheimy :)

  4. Session Content Introduction to CV Classifiers Challenge Models from community

    TensorFlow Hub and others Open Libraries Why use GoCV
  5. What is Computer Vision? Is a field inside of Artificial

    Intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the human visual world. Through the images, videos and deep learning models, machines can have “eyes and brain” to identifying objects and then, they are capable to react to what they “see”.
  6. Scenario A IOT company received a proposal of new client

    who asked for ten distinct image classifiers for a different products. Some classifiers will be wrapped into a API and connect into a Kafka’s queue and others will run independently. You need to do a POC (Proof Of Concept) to show to your company if is viable do it on the terms and time proposed. How would you do it?
  7. Building Image Classifiers from scratch?


  9. The other way is:

  10. Through the community and open source things like GoCV.

  11. Why GoCV? • GoCV gives to gophers access to the

    OpenCV computer vision library. • GoCV package supports the latest releases of Go and OpenCV v.4 on Linux, macOS ans Windows! -> Yes, I said Windows! But… Why?? • GoCV supports the Intel OpenVINO toolkit.
  12. Show me the Code!

  13. For who wants to learn more GO: • https://tour.golang.org/list •

    https://play.golang.org/ • https://golang.org/
  14. For who wants to learn more GO: >> https://github.com/danicat/pacgo

  15. For who wants to learn more Classifiers and GoCV :

    • https://gocv.io/ • https://www.tensorflow.org/hub • http://caffe.berkeleyvision.org/
  16. A Gift! https://www.oracle.com/br/cloud/free/

  17. sheimyrahman@gmail.com https://github.com/SheimyRahman https://twitter.com/Sheimy_Rahman Thank you! :)