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Go for Begineers

Go for Begineers

Slides of my talk about Go at first Golang Meetup in Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil
October 24th, 2018



Sheimy Rahman

October 24, 2018

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  1. GO for Beginners How and where to start?! Sheimy Rahman

    Software Engineer sheimyrahman@gmail.com October 24th, 2018
  2. WELCOME! :)

  3. The importance of beginners https://gopherize.me/

  4. “Super Power”

  5. But… guess what?!

  6. “Please, everybody stand-up”

  7. xx% LOOK AROUND

  8. First point Vamos à alguns Dados:

  9. THERE ARE ~ 1.5 million active GO users

  10. Source: • https://research.swtch.com/gopher count • https://insights.stackoverflow.com/ survey/2018/#most-popular-techno logies • https://blog.golang.org/8years

  11. “750 thousand of new gophers in the last year ”

  12. Why should you learn Go? Image from: http://kirael-art.deviantart.com/art/Go-lang-Mascot-458285682

  13. Hardware Limitations First Pentium 4 processor with 3.0GHz clock speed

    was introduced back in 2004 by Intel. Today, the Mackbook Pro 2016 has clock speed of 2.9GHz. So, nearly in one decade, there is not too much gain in the raw processing power.
  14. “GO has goroutines!!!” - Reffrance: http://golangtutorials.blogspot.in/2011/06/goroutines.html

  15. Go runs directly on underlying hardware Go brings best of

    both worlds! - Performance nearer to lower level languages like C/C++; - No need to allocation and removal object manually because of Garbage Collector; Execution steps for VM based languages Execution steps for NO VM based languages
  16. Code written in Go is easy to maintain No classes

    - Everything is divided into packages only. Go has only structs instead of classes. Does not support inheritance - That will make code easy to modify. Code readability vs, Efficiency.
  17. Go is backed by Google. - Google has one of

    the largest cloud infrastructures in the world and it is scaled massively. Go is designed by Google to solve their problems of supporting scalability and effectiveness. - Also used by some big companies like Adobe, BBC, IBM, Intel, etc.
  18. “THE BEST FEATURE OF GO” By Daniela Petruzalek https://speakerdeck.com/danicat/the-best-feature-of-go-gophercon-br-2 018

  19. How and Where to start?

  20. “Let’s Code!” - https://play.golang.org/

  21. None
  22. None
  23. www.gobyexample.com https://blog.golang.org/ www.awesome-go.com https://golang.org/doc/code.html https://codegangsta.gitbooks.io/building-web-apps-with -go/content/

  24. Thanks! Contact: @Sheimy_Rahman sheimyrahman@gmail.com https://medium.com/@sheimyrahman https://br.linkedin.com/in/sheimyrahm an