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Better teams through remote working (BetterSoftware 2014)

Better teams through remote working (BetterSoftware 2014)

Presented at BetterSoftware 2014.

Running a successful remote company is not only possible, but it can actually lead to better team and a better product. Remote working encourages habits of communication and collaboration that can make a team objectively better, but only if it's done well. Remote working is a different way of working, with different constraints and processes.

In this talk I discuss some the most common challenges I tackled in the last 4 years of running a remote team and offer some practical hints about operating a distributed company. I explore the tools, development techniques and team management techniques for getting the best out of your remote team.

Simone Carletti

October 13, 2014

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  1. WARNING All characters appearing in this work are NOT ficBBous.

    Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is absolutely REAL.
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    when working remote, and 75 percent of those sur>eyed said the timeliness of their work improved. — Cisco via Help Scout Does it work?
  4. By telecommuting, 83 percent of employees said their abilit@ to

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