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Real-time Javascript

Real-time Javascript

Demo for CS2803 at Georgia Tech covering the basics of Javascript in today's large web applications. Most of the meat is in the demo itself, but the slides have pictures!


Will Farrington

August 02, 2011


  1. Real-time Javascript It’s serious business

  2. HTML is awesome

  3. But...

  4. User Experience Sucks

  5. Desktop Software

  6. None
  7. Forget Web 2.0

  8. None
  9. The Web Done Right

  10. None
  11. Client-side MVC Frameworks

  12. None
  13. Why represent our data model on the client-side?

  14. None
  15. If the client doesn’t know about the data, then it’s

    going to be dumb about the data
  16. Fixing the Problem

  17. None
  18. When the client knows and understands the data, the server

    is just permanent storage
  19. And the client takes care of all the ephemeral storage

  20. Less Data == Fewer Problems

  21. Examples

  22. None
  23. Demo

  24. Will Farrington will@railsmachine.com Code: github.com/wfarr/gumflap-backbone-demo Slides: speakerdeck.com/u/wfarr/p/real-time-javascript PS: We’re looking

    for interns — email me with resume if interested!