Zooniverse: Cutting Edge Research Your Students Can Participate In

Zooniverse: Cutting Edge Research Your Students Can Participate In

The Zooniverse (zooniverse.org) is a collection of research projects that rely on public participation to succeed. Since it began in 2007 with galaxyzoo.org an army of 800,000 citizen scientists have classified galaxies, analyzed light curves to detect exo-planet transits, marked features on the Moon and Mars, and looked for star clusters in Andromeda. Please join Dr. Laura Whyte, an astronomer and educator from the Adler Planetarium, to hear about the cutting-edge research that is being done by the science teams in collaboration with the participants, and to learn about new resources that are being developed to support the use of these projects in the classroom, to give your students the opportunity to become citizen scientists and make a contribution to research.


Laura Whyte

July 15, 2013