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DjangoCon US 2017 Closing Remarks

DjangoCon US 2017 Closing Remarks

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit prior DjangoCons in the closing remarks of the tenth DjangoCon US.

Lacey Williams Henschel

August 16, 2017

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  1. I was up at 4-fricking-30 this morning, on the off

    chance that I might be able to get in on the first round of DjangoCon tickets. Barbara Shaurette, “I’m going to DjangoCon!” “
  2. “ DjangoCon: Great conference, or greatest conference ever? Eric Florenzano,

    “DjangoCon: Great conference, or greatest conference ever?”
  3. “ Django needed a mascot. One that was awesome and

    had magical powers. Well, somewhere in my head, I agreed. Bryan Veloso, “The Web Framework for Ponies.”
  4. “ The conference was like a family gathering. Daniel Roy

    Greenfeld, “DjangoCon 2010 Report I”
  5. “ There were surprises, too – from everyone getting their

    own pony in their schwag bag… to the discovery that you could get full to the point of bursting at a vegan restaurant. Scot Hacker, “Loose Notes from DjangoCon 2010”
  6. “ The event had (I kid you not) exactly 404

    attendees this year. Abner Germanow, "A Look Back at DjangoCon 2012"
  7. “ With Malcolm’s memory in mind, the DSF is proud

    to announce that with the blessing of his family, we will be establishing an award in Malcolm’s name. Russell Keith-Magee, "Announcing the Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize"
  8. “ The prize will be awarded annually to someone who

    welcomes, supports and nurtures newcomers; freely gives feedback and assistance to others, and helps to grow the community.
  9. “ We’ve been coming here for years, and this is

    the warmest DjangoCon I can remember. A 2016 sponsor
  10. “ In all these little ways, they sent a clear

    and cohesive message that emphasized the importance of making everyone feel welcome. Saron Yitbarek, “That time I went to DjangoCon and fell in love with the community”