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With a Little Help From My Network

With a Little Help From My Network

Lacey Williams Henschel

June 17, 2017

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  1. WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY NETWORK Lacey Williams Henschel

    @laceynwilliams 1 — @laceynwilliams
  2. the exchange of information or services among individuals specifically: the

    cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business --Merriam-Webster 12 — @laceynwilliams
  3. 1. Figure out where your potential friends connections hang out

    2. Make your intentions goals clear 3. Don't be shy 4. Come up with good friend date ideas opportunities 5. Don't expect sparks to fly a deep, mentor-like connection right away 6. Know when to quit 19 — @laceynwilliams
  4. ▸ email them ▸ think about what you want to

    work on 33 — @laceynwilliams
  5. SLACKS FOR: women in tech LGBT in tech PoC in

    tech crafters who tech language-specific job-specific coding beginners conferences 37 — @laceynwilliams
  6. Having a goal helps you be more productive with your

    networking time. 44 — @laceynwilliams
  7. I’ve found the easiest way to make friends is to

    let people know I’m looking. Why is this such a taboo thing to say? -- Rachel Miller 49 — @laceynwilliams
  8. When I let someone know I wanted a new opportunity,

    I had one that same week. 50 — @laceynwilliams
  9. When you have a goal, you will need to stop

    lurking. 54 — @laceynwilliams
  10. For the rest of the conference, you’ll probably be able

    to spot that one person you met early on and give them a friendly nod. — Heidi Waterhouse 57 — @laceynwilliams
  11. It takes a special kind of courage to approach a

    ring of backs. — Heidi Waterhouse 60 — @laceynwilliams
  12. I tend to assume that people don't want to hang

    out with me. 65 — @laceynwilliams
  13. I've tried to be more explicit when I want to

    get to know someone better. 66 — @laceynwilliams
  14. ... I made a new friend and committed to an

    open-source project! 71 — @laceynwilliams
  15. Spending time with my new friend made me more comfortable

    asking for her help 72 — @laceynwilliams
  16. come up with ideas can also mean think about what

    I can do for others 74 — @laceynwilliams
  17. If my idea of "networking" is "meeting people more successful

    than I am" then I am intimidated. 75 — @laceynwilliams
  18. then I remember that I also have value, ideas, and

    something to offer 76 — @laceynwilliams
  19. At your last job, how long did it take you

    to make a work friend? 80 — @laceynwilliams
  20. You won't like everyone and not everyone will like you

    and that's okay — my mom 81 — @laceynwilliams
  21. ▸ detail-oriented but blunt ▸ great ideas but little follow-through

    ▸ amazing listener but really busy 83 — @laceynwilliams
  22. STAGES OF BURNOUT 1. Compulsion to prove oneself 7. Withdrawal

    2. Working harder 8. Obvious behavioral changes 3. Neglecting needs 9. Depersonalization 4. Displacement of conflicts 10. Inner emptiness 5. Revision of values 11. Depression 6. Denial of emerging problems 12. Burnout syndrome Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North via Jacob Kaplan Moss 96 — @laceynwilliams
  23. GRACEFUL EXIT 1. give notice 2. document 3. train a

    new person 4. come back later? 99 — @laceynwilliams
  24. How I Got 50% Women Speakers at My Tech Conference

    -- Courtney Stanton 105 — @laceynwilliams
  25. "I promised mentoring, I promised practice sessions, I promised one-on-

    one slide deck reviews with people who have spent hundreds of hours speaking at conferences. I emailed my Women in Games Boston group, I attended events and encouraged groups of women in person, I sought women out online, I met with women over coffee. I encouraged/begged them to consider translating the hours and hours I’d spent with them in the past talking about their careers, their specialties, their ideas, into a 45-minute presentation. I told them how much I respected their reputations and their ideas and that I’d be thrilled if they had the time or interest in submitting a talk." 106 — @laceynwilliams
  26. ▸ 2015: 160 proposals ▸ 2016: 200 proposals ▸ 2017:

    250 proposals 110 — @laceynwilliams
  27. our whole team is invested in making the conference welcoming

    to every attendee 111 — @laceynwilliams
  28. use your connection to different groups to create opportunities for

    expansion and inclusion 112 — @laceynwilliams
  29. PHOTO CREDITS Tim Gouw Matty Adame LinkedIn Bartek Pawlik Marian

    Carrasquero Zack Spear Prima Luce Studio Slack Freestocks.org WoCinTech Chat Christian Widell Ian Dooley Epiccurence Evan Kirby Brenan Green Bence Boros Russell Keith-Magee UT Austin Vladimir Kudinov 115 — @laceynwilliams