Jupyter's Phenomenal Growth

Jupyter's Phenomenal Growth

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Jupyter's Phenomenal Growth: What's Next for San Diego


Over the past five years, the Jupyter notebook has become a "de facto" standard in Data Science, Science, and Education. Project Jupyter received the 2017 ACM Software System Award for Jupyter, a broad collaboration that develops open source tools for interactive computing, with a language-agnostic design.

I'll share a brief look at San Diego's history with Project Jupyter and its growth locally. I will share some updates from our annual Jupyter team meeting (which occurs the week before the meetup) especially about JupyterHub, Binder, JupyterLab, and visualizations. I'll wrap up with a bit about Python, R and Julia's use with Jupyter and open up the discussion for questions.


Carol Willing

March 20, 2019